Saturday, 22 March 2008

Make money through forex (foreign exchange) system

One another again, the way to make money through internet that we can use easily. That is about foreign exchange online. There are too many software for this program, that were availabled in internet. They are very cool and high tech appearance at each program. Before we use to do exchange the currency we can learn their system/software with their virtual money, and we can also learn at some forex tutorial at some blogs.
In the real world the money circulation of this business is too big, and it’s better if we use the big capital to gathered in this business. Because the profit that we will received is good enough perday base on percentage for all currency, if we know and have expertise base on fundament of economyc global.
In this case we can use this site to learn and practice about this business like in (we can do forex as little as $1 and we will receive $5 free at my account and can use it to do start... join together more than 400,000 members) , Earn $2/Free referral, $0.40 for 2nd level, ...earn up $10.000 per single user
And ,etc.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Making money through paid per click program.

This program is for publishers, who have one or some sites/blogs. This program is about paid advertising from edvertisers who have made a deal with third party. And this third party (a certain company) have made a deal with some publishers to put the ads (from third party company) at their sites and blogs. Like for example is from Google adsense, clixor, widgetbucks, adbrite, clixense, etc. We are as a publisher will receive the money base on per click on the ads by visitor, or maybe we will be paid based on paid per impression (PPI) too.It’s better if we use this e-book (about successfully google adsense) to read it before we want to use adsense.

This method is include in promotion online for our business. Or as another said this is a marketing tool. As we know together that the methods for marketing online are too many to be said, you can see at my other blog (

They will send our money through some different method, like paypal, check, wire transfer, or other payment system.

Sometimes to make money online/offline,we need money to implemented it, we need capital to make our money more bigger than the first.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Make money with parking your domain name.

The price of the domain name can become a high price in the market or maybe we just want to use it for our money machine, if we parking it. Because if we want to sell it at high price we must need a long time, and have must more patient. This opportunity is when we park the domain name at some sites that provide this service, include provide one page site for our domain name, and they will looking for some advertisers for our domain name/one page sites.
Like for example at,,, and also at will pay us based on PPc or pay per impression.
This is just one of many ways for us make money online/through internet.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Get paid to search…. Another making money programs

While we searching to find some informations, we can make money just doing searching with this search engine. We can also make money through their affiliate program. After we tried some making money program , this opportunity was a good enough as accessories
making money programs. There are many kind of the making money programs, like PTC, PTR , PPP, instant affiliate, PPI, PPR (Pay Per Review), Pay Per Post, Pay Per Answer,etc, etc as well as Pay Per Search like in this program, and

They use paypal and e-gold as or check their payment system, to send the money to us.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Make money unlimited $2 directly to paypal/e-gold

In the choosing of the program that can giving money to us, choosing the instant cash method is the best choice about this issue. This program is about instant affiliate. The program that can pay money to us instantly (directly) to our pay pal or or e-gold, without any interference of admin, without manipulated by admin. So number of to be scammed is a little number. Although our earnings is small ($2) per transaction, this is about giving free web hosting service to others. But with a good marketing strategy ,our earnings is will become a big income for us. There are many programs like this method like for example is , and it’s from
This free domain name and free template as well as free setting up was given us to make advertise for them, and make money for us too. We can choose our own domain name, that we like it.In fact, the service of this site is good enough, it’s about free hosting package with free database and PHP tools, and have a good bandwith enough (This is a good chance for webmasters who want try to make a site with full database and full interactive but still in limited acces)

Saturday, 29 December 2007

The money that never stop flowing in the blog

The good article will attract readers to read it. The many readers will attract the owner of other sites in other that, the readers turn look at their sites/blogs too. Why do you not use this chance to make money extra?Permitted other peoples to fill your/our blog about their sites and then the will give us money for our kindness. In fact, this is a marketing strategy for their sites/blogs.The first reason maybe : they can have many links at many blogs that have high PR. second : there are many sites/blogs that have a good content that have good solid keywords that contain their links. (This is a good method to attract the search engines … to show the organic result at the first page of the engines), 3rd increasing the sites rank, 4th increasing the traffic, 5th increasing the sales, 6th increasing income, etc.

Using the 3rd party to manage this purpose is the best way, because we are not too busy to find the advertiser that need a blog dan our expert as well as always available the advertisers, and we can also can setting the prize that we wish. is a one of the site that we can use about these purpose. They have the list advertisers with their own rates. This site will send the money through paypal.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Get Paid to discussion, while you make fun and campaign for our site/blog

Do you have a site or a blog? That you want to share to other peoples. The social network place is a good place to do that. We can share and find something in there. There many social networks at the intenet. Like for example at this site, We can find and share anything ( about family, financial, love, internet, science, story, health, knowledge, blog, photo, video, etc) and we can make money too. This site have had members about more than 100,000 peoples. They will pay us based on our contribution in their discussion, like start discussion, respond and add comment. The rate that will be given to us is good enough, because we can join at any kind of discussions, responses, comments, and there are no limitation about how many we can give respond or comment or start discussion at one day. This site was paid me many times, and they send the money through paypal and moneybooker. This is one of the best way to make traffic to our site/blog , plus we can earn money extra, and make a friend too, My visitors are also come from this site.As well as this is a certain make money online method, or make money at home opportunity, that if we can make a combination between adsense program,and other affiliate program, paid per review in one blog so it’s very good to be money machine online.